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Portable Steam Boiler Rental

Portable Steam Boiler Rental

Whether your steam or hot water need is a result of an emergency outage, natural disaster, planned shutdown, plant expansion, seasonal need, testing or whatever the reason, with over 65 years of experience Carey Boiler Works LLC can provide you with a cost effective, efficient and reliable temporary boiler rental.  A variety of commercial, institutional and industrial clients have found our mobile rental boilers to be the solution for all types of needs.  Our mission is to provide you with the boiler you need to get the job done while maintaining a cost-effective pricing model and utilizing efficient, state of the art technology.

One of the many ways we work for our customers in keeping cost down is when you are ready to proceed with the delivery of one of our temporary rental boilers, we attempt to find the most reliable and cost effective trucking available.   If this is a planned shutdown, plant expansion or testing where time allows, Carey Boiler Works LLC will work with a number of one way haulers to secure the best freight rate available from a dependable hauler.  However, if this is an emergency situation where we are unable to secure a one way hauler to meet our customers’ needs, we will work with a local trucking company to get the rental boiler on the road timely.  Another option for our portable boiler room customers is, if you have a trucking company you work with or you have your own driver and tractor, with proper cargo insurance, you are always welcome to make your own freight arrangements.

temporary boiler rental

Temporary Boiler Rental

Another way we keep cost down is to find local factory trained boiler representatives to perform start-up and on-site personnel training of our rental boilers thus eliminating as much of the travel time and travel expenses as possible.

As you can see, Carey Boiler Works LLC is a boiler rental company that is all about customer service and always doing what is best for our customers!

“Thank you for your responsiveness, it’s nice to know
there are still reliable companies out there!

Thanks again!”
George T.

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