steam boiler rental

“We’ve been running for 65 years, and we are still not out of steam”

In order to assist our dedicated staff in providing the unit that best suits your needs, please have as much of the following information available as possible when calling. If you are unsure of anything, give us a call and our professionals are here to help you through the boiler rental process.

What type boiler rental do you need?

Steam or Hot Water
What is the application the rental boiler will be used for?

What capacity rental boiler do you need?

HP (horsepower), PPH (lbs steam/hour), BTUS

What pressure do you need to operate at?

What fuel is available on site?

#2 fuel oil
Gas (If natural gas; what is incoming gas pressure?)

When do you need boiler rental onsite?

During normal business hours or night/weekend/holiday?

How long will you need temporary boiler rental?

Location where rental boiler is needed (City, State)?

Where will the rental boiler be placed on site?
How close to existing boiler room?
Is the location level – If not, blocking materials will be required to level unit
Cribbing will be required to secure unit

Are there utility connections and tie-ins close by?  (The following connections will all need run to the exterior wall for connection to the rental boiler.)

Steam tie-ins or hot water supply and return
Fuel supply lines
Electrical supply (single and 3 phase)
Feedwater make-up line
Condensate return line
Blowdown drain (can it handle hot water?)

Are there any emission requirements?

Are there any permits required?? (These are the customer’s responsibility but we can assist)

Operating, etc.

Watertube Boiler Rental

Steam boiler rental

Has the boiler inspector (state or insurance) been notified that a temporary rental boiler is needed and will need to be inspected (normally, prior to going into operation)?

If the boiler selected to best fit your requirements is a trailer mounted unit, Lessee will be responsible to provide temporary shelter over the burner end of the rental boiler and electrical components to protect them from weather elements.

Depending on jobsite location and time of year boiler rental is needed, Lessee may need to insulate and heat trace all water/steam lines.


Not sure what you need??  We are here to help!!!

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