We provide trailer mounted rental boilers 24/7 for emergency boiler rental needs!!!


Temporary Boiler Rental

Trailer Mounted Boiler Rental

For sixty-five plus years Carey Boiler Works LLC has offered a fast and reliable solution to thousands of customers worldwide for their emergency, portable, temporary boiler rental needs with our convenient trailer mounted boiler rental services.

Whether you need an emergency boiler rental due to an unplanned outage, boiler failure, or natural disaster our trailer mounted boiler rental units are ready to roll. Or, if your need for a temporary, portable boiler rental is the result of a planned shutdown, plant expansion, boiler replacement, or seasonal rise in production our trailer mounted boiler rental units bring a simple solution to wherever you are.

Our trailer mounted boiler rental fleet consists of the following:
    • 350 HP to 82,500 PPH rental boilers
    • Steam or hot water boiler rental
    • Pressures up to 750 psi
    • Superheat capabilities up to 750 deg F
    • Capable of firing on #2 fuel oil and/or natural gas with Low NOx capabilities available

A trailer mounted boiler rental is fast and cost effective because there is no need for rigging upon arrival to your facility; the portable rental boiler arrives secured to the trailer and will remain on the trailer for the duration of the boiler rental. A trailer mounted boiler rental will have you back in operation quick with minimal connection to auxiliary equipment on site.

So if the need arises for a trailer mounted boiler rental; whether an emergency boiler rental or temporary rental boiler contact Carey Boiler Works today for a simple solution to your big problem!!

We have a large fleet of trailer mounted rental boilers ready to rent today!!
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